Roc Stea’D is ready to take over

    New alternative urban duo Jessica Lammare and Brittany Elliot are prepared to conquer the music scene as Roc Stea’D.

    These energetic Detroit natives say they present a breath of fresh air, giving people something out of the ordinary to listen to. Their singer, rapper combination puts a different spin on what hip-hop and R&B is.

    "It’s something for everybody. It offers a balance that isn’t really given in other avenues of music. I’m the rapper so I give the edge with street influence, but a vulnerable side is seen with Jasmine being a singer and an amazing writer," said Brittany.

    Roc Stea’D wants to inspire people to let their differences empower them instead of divide them. 

    Though very opposite in attitude, Jessica and Brittany have the perfect chemistry. Brittany is the firecracker that can "be a little crazy," while Jessica is known to keep a level head. Hence the name Roc Stea’D, Brittany presents the "Roc" of the group and Jessica keeps it "Stea’D."

    "We’re totally different girls that offer balance for each other," Jessica said. She describes Brittany as a best friend and business partner. They’ve been together almost six years as Roc Stea’d. But they’re ambition and drive was something that has always been similar as far as their personalities are concerned.

    Both members of the group insist that they are genuine with everything that they do.

    "We work really hard to make an imprint in this industry that’s not just fly-by-night or the usual. We want to be able to really make a difference," Brittany said.

    Their 14-track mixtape titled No Red Lights dropped September 7 and is enjoying huge success. Already, it has over 16,000 hits on LiveMixtapes. Roc Stea’D says that it’s the love from Detroit and people from everywhere else that fuels and supports their music.

    "The response has been overwhelming actually. Me and Brittany were sitting in tears like oh my God! It’s good to know that you put so much hard work in something and people respond the way you actually would love them to respond. We’re blessed," Jessica said.

    Roc Stea’D has also had their song "Stack Big Faces" as a single on the radio since June, and it is inside the top 100 of urban radio.

    People respond well to their songs. Still geared towards the guys, a number of tracks on the mixtape speak on women issues and empowerment. They see themselves becoming the "voice of the woman" and remark that some people refer to them as a "girl power group."
    But Jessica and Brittany say that they do not want to become sex symbols. And as far as fashion, they are not trying to be over trendy or over sexy either. Roc Stea’D represents the every day woman in all her dynamics.

    "We’re just like you," said Jessica. "Some days I might feel like putting on sneakers and a t-shirt and other days I might feel like, hey I want to wear a dress.  No woman walks around with stilettos and a freakum dress on all the time," she said.

    Roc Stea’D wants to keep it moving. They say that they will happily collaborate with other artists, and hopes to be able to collaborate with another artists who reps Detroit hard…Big Sean.

    The girls have major love for their label Live the Music Group. Saying they "were the first to give them the opportunity to have a team" and "have become polished into being confident in knowing who they are as artists with the company."

    As far as future projects, the girls say they have a very special promotional tour that they’re excited about. It is officially under wraps, so we’ll have to contain excitement for further details.



    — Kylee Coney




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