‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 9.13.11

    Benched: Jackie Christie

    MVP: Malaysia Pargo

    T-shirt line: "Ta da? Ta nah."

     Jackie Christie extended an olive branch to Draya Michele while looking down her nose at the model on Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives."

    When Malaysia Pargo, Jackie and Laura Govan gathered for a workout the topic of the passion party came up. Somehow, no one mentioned that fact that Imani Showalter called Draya "worthless."

    Discounting someone’s value as a human being? Pfft. Minor details. Hardly worth mentioning! In fact, why are we even typing about it now? Such a non-issue to the women of "BBW: LA."

    Instead, Jackie and Laura were more concerned with discussing Draya’s behavior at her BET Awards party the night before. The model may have had one too many drinks, but Malaysia diffused the situation by walking away. That’s what we like to call a "big-girl move."

    The other wives were content to sit and shoot sideways glances at Draya, who had graciously invited them to her party. Let’s not forget the collective stank faces and the unimpressed wall-flower behavior. Somehow Draya doing a little two-step with a drink in her hand was too wild for the rest of the crowd. *Shrug*

    Apparently during their workout, it was determined that none of the ladies really wanted to have Draya around. Keep that in mind because it only served to make their actions for the rest of the episode that much more confusing.

    Jackie is a woman of discriminating tastes (whether it’s good taste, remains to be seen), so she put her prospective wedding planners through the ringer. Before she could agree to leave her wedding in the hands of a professional, she wanted to make sure the person could do the job. Ultimately, she went with the wedding planner who brought booze to their consultation!

    We won’t down play Wade’s skills because he’s put together some amazing affairs for high profile people like Naomi Campbell. Obviously, he knows what he’s doing–and he’s able to convince Jackie to ditch the strippers for a classier ceremony.

    It’s amazing to us that someone, who is so adamant about not having strippers (or former strippers) around her man, actually wanted them to be part of her wedding ceremony. We’re slightly confused on that point.

    Like any bride, Jackie needs a gown for her big day–even if it is her 16th trip down the aisle with Doug.  So Jackie brought her wedding planner, Wade, along to rummage through the racks at a local dress shop to see if she could find the right frock.

    While Jackie seemed to go for every ornate creation in the place, her wedding planner somehow kept her in line! Whenever she reached for a traditional, white wedding gown, her planner reminded her that the looks she wanted we more appropriate for a first trip down the aisle.


    Somehow Jackie and Imani seem to be under the impression that Draya is trying out for a spot on the team. When Imani finally met up with Draya to get things cleared up about her whole "worthless" comment, it seemed more like an interrogation.

    Imani tried to play nice by back-pedaling on her real feelings about Draya before questioning her cast mate about reports that the model had her son taken away from her.

    While Draya explained that  her son was still living with her and going to school in their home district, Imani wanted proof. When Imani said that she doubted Draya’s words because she didn’t come out with the paperwork, we had to ask, "Is this chick for real?!"

    Not only would Imani not tell Draya what they were supposed to be discussing, but somehow she was responsible for bringing the appropriate documentation. HotMess.Org! Imani is just determined not to give Draya the benefit of the doubt.

    Jackie brought Imani, Malaysia and Laura along to get a pre-bachelorette party makeover.  It didn’t look like Jackie got all that much done, but as long as she’s happy with the way she looks, great!



    After much waffling about whether or not Draya should be invited to share in her wedding festivities, Jackie decided to invite the cast target–err…Draya.

    Alas, even while doing as the others did by cheering on a female stripper, Laura thought Draya was too at home with the entertainment. Nevermind that Laura was the one who booked the stripper.

    Apparently she was well-behaved enough to ge an invite to the wedding. Geez…for a group of women that don’t like her, they sure seem eager to have Draya around.


    We only have one word to describe the cast of "Basketball Wives: LA" : tacky.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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