Camille McDonald: I’m not cocky

    Camille McDonald, whose signature walk made her an “America’s Next Top Model” legend, is returning for the series’ All-Star season and hoping fans will find out who she really is this time around.

    “I think in the eyes of the general public, people will say I’m cocky, but I think that those depictions of me are completely false,” Camille told Sister 2 Sister.

    “I’m a very proud person. I’m a very strong person, and that’s not to get cockiness confused with confidence,” said Camille who believes her roots in Jamaica, a somewhat more modest country when compared to the U.S., keep her grounded.

    “I’m not saying I’ve never been a b!tch, but I’ve never been the villain to tear people down to get where I need to go,” said Camille whose fans didn’t see all the kindness she showed to her fellow cycle 2 contestants.

    “There were things that I did that were super nice and super sweet, but you didn’t see that,” she said.

    With a few more years of experience—in modeling and life, in general—Camille returns to “ANTM” with a mission to brand herself and transition to the next level of her career by launching a shoe line.

    “You can’t have a signature walk without shoes,” said Camille who has owned the term by naming her company Signature Walk, Inc. While she may have caught some flack for declaring that her catwalk would make her famous, it sort of has, and Camille explained that it’s her stride that helped her to stand out.

    "You have to have something that sets you apart, so that people remember you. So, when I was asked, ‘Why do you walk like that,’ I told them that’s my signature walk that will make me famous. It wasn’t meant the way [the judges] interpreted it," Camille said.

    However, with a few more years under her designer belt, Camille said she’ll do more listening this time when the judges and other experts offer their opinions.

    “They have more experience than all of us combined. I’ll do what I have to do to impress the judges,” she said.

    She’s not the only one who’s grown up a bit. Camille said most of her All-Star co-stars—none of whom she had a friendship with before this season—are very mature, but does that mean there’s no drama?

    “There’s gonna definitely be some feistiness involved. You have really big personalities that are in the house and just the spirit of competition alone can cause drama, she said.

    So, what exactly are the ladies competing for?

    Camille said the prizes this season are “completely different.” That’s not the only spin on the “ANTM” formula that fans can look forward to.

    “This cycle is star-studded. There are going to be a lot of guest appearances from all walks of entertainment,” said Camille who warned that the shock value will be high.


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    —Tracy L. Scott




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