Kelis tweets about racial incident

    Kelis is outraged about a recent incident in London where someone called her a slave!

    Traveling can often get people keyed up, but the "Bossy" singer said that a fellow flyer made a racist comment to her over a perceived slight.

    "[He thought I] cut the line. Which wouldn’t be far-fetched of me but this time I actually didn’t (not entirely anyway)," Kelis tweeted yesterday. "Well the point is from 0 to 60 this fat red faced sweaty ‘man’…started calling me a slave and told me to call him sir and how I was probably a disgusting nigerian."

    Supposedly the irate man even referenced ROOTS in his tirade against Kelis, who noted that she didn’t receive any assistance from the staff at the flight desk. "He called me kunta kinte, and ranted and raved some more," Kelis reported. "The man behind the passport desk laughed, shook his…head in agreement I guess, and said ‘kunta kinte.’"

    Kelis didn’t just stand by as the insults were lobbed her way, all in the presence of her son, Knight! The singer said she responded to the attack as cordially as possible to set a good example for her child and keep her spirit right.

    "We all no I ain’t no saint, so I retaliated. Not the way I wanted to," Kelis wrote, "or how that pig deserved. But #1 my gorgeous baby boy was literally sitting on my hip and #2 I’m a believer. And we are better. Sposed to be."

    According to the "Milkshake" performer, this incident was nothing more than a manifestation of the racial issues she believes the United Kingdom has. It’s a problem she’s not unfamiliar with, but until this point had failed to speak up about.

    "I didn’t say anything at the time of the riots in London for a lot of reasons," Kelis explained. "But I am in London all the time and today I’m gonna say that the racial issues in the uk are disgusting."

    She added, "It’s racially decades behind progression because everything is swept under the rug. People don’t talk about it. People don’t fight about it."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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