Daily Buzz 9.15.11

    ‘Reading Rainbow’? There’s an app for that!

    "Reading Rainbow" may have faded to black on your TV, but LeVar Burton is updating the endeavor for the digital age!

    According to FastCompany.com, LeVar plans to reboot the show as an app for the iPad through his company, RRKidz. Ideally, users will be able to use Reading Rainbow to explore any given subject.

    The Reading Rainbow app will also read children’s books to users and it will include videos of LeVar in different locations. Games will be included as part of the offerings as well.

    No matter how the format changes, though, here’s hoping it still includes the classic theme song, which you can watch below!

    Jennifer Hudson  tapped for ‘Majors & Minors’

    Jennifer Hudson is going to be giving kids aiming for the top of the charts a little help on their journey.

    The singer will make a guest appearance as a mentor on "Majors & Minors," TheGrapeJuice.Net reports. Apparently, Jennifer left a great impression on the contestants after taping her cameo.

    “These kids wanted to sing for her because they just loved her so much," vocal coach Debra Byrd said. "She was able to bring to these kids who look up to her this great presence, this great energy and a wealth of information.”


    Boris Kodjoe returning for next ‘Resident Evil

    Boris Kodjoe will be back for the next installment of the Resident Evil series. The actor revealed via Twitter that he’s got a role in Resident Evil: Retribution, but he didn’t give away any details on his storyline.

    "Ok, Resident Evil fans," Boris tweeted, "[Milla Jovovich] and myself are up here in Toronto getting ready for RE5 More action than ever!!!"

    He made his series debut in last year’s Resident Evil: Afterlife as a retired professional athlete named Luther West. Despite being snatched up by a zombie during the scream fest, Boris’ character somehow managed to survive the film!

    Amy Winehouse’s last video released

    Amy Winehouse’s birthday was marked by the release of her last video, "Body and Soul." In the clip, which you can watch below, Amy sings a velvety duet with iconic crooner Tony Bennett.

    "Body and Soul" made its way online yesterday, which would have been Amy’s 28th birthday had the singer not tragically passed away back in July.


    Tank offers his ‘Compliments’

    Tank is letting the ladies know just how much he appreciates them with his new single, "Compliments."

    The track offers listeners all the loving comments that may be lacking in their lives—from "You can do no wrong" to "you’re heaven sent." Tank croons all these kind words over an intoxicating beat.

    Check out the lyric video for "Compliments" below.

    —Sonya Eskridge



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