Obama seeks jobs bill support

    The president is urging his constituency for help in getting more Americans back to work.

    As presidential campaign season winds up, President  Barack Obama is returning to his grass roots approach in an attempt to drum up support for his jobs bill. If passed, the American Jobs Act could support 5,000 new jobs in Washington, D.C., alone.

    While stumping in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Wednesday, the president was talking about the bill, when an excited supporter shouted, "I love you, Barack!"

    "If you love me, you gotta help me pass this bill," he joked before explaining that the  support of the public is essential to making his proposal into a law. "It starts with your help."

    During his speech, the president told citizen’s gathered for the event that there are congressional Republicans that want to hold off on moving forward with the jobs bill until the next election. With the current unemployment rate at 9.1 percent and more Americans than ever officially living in poverty (46.2 million people, or one out of every six, according to the Census Bureau), President Obama does not feel this is a problem that can wait for any reason.

    Beyond that, he’s flabbergasted that some conservatives have a very personal reason for holding up the bill. "Some of them were even quoted as saying if they agreed with some of the things in this bill, they don’t want to pass it because it would give me a win," the president reported. "Give me a win?! Give me a break!"

    "We’ve been grappling with a crisis for three years, and instead of getting folks to rise up above partisanship," the president framed, "we got folks, who are purposely divided."

    The president then took an opportunity to state that handling of the American Jobs Act shouldn’t be determined by playground politics. Instead, he suggested that legislators focus on who the bill would help.

    "This isn’t about me. This isn’t about giving me a win," said President Obama. "It’s not about positioning for the election. It’s about giving the American people a win. That’s what it’s about."

    He also proposed a challenge to Republicans. "If you’re in favor of America’s jobs creators, this is your bill!" the president explained, waving a thick copy of the document in his hand. "This will actually help America’s jobs creators, so we need to pass this bill right away!"

    For more information on President Obama’s jobs bill, and how it can affect you, visit www.AmericanJobsAct.com.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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