Miss France questions Angola win

    The world’s most beautiful woman is Black, but Miss France thinks its a scam.

    When Miss Angola, Lela Lopes, was crowned Miss Universe earlier this week not everyone was happy with the judges decision.

    Miss France, Laury Thillema, came off looking a little bitter in a recent interview. She told Premiere.fr that she was shocked to see Miss Angola take home Angola’s first win at the 2011 Miss Universe Pageant.

    “She was the only girl I didn’t know very well," Laury said, noting that Lela mostly kept to herself and preferred comfortable clothing off stage. "We didn’t see her much; she was very discreet. She was often in jeans and not wearing makeup. We were all surprised by her win."

    Laury, who only made it into the Top 10, even speculated that favoritism was a factor in the judges’ scores. "Many girls made efforts that were not rewarded. I don’t know, something is missing in her temperament. The fact that the competition was held in Brazil surely played a role.”

    Neither Miss Angola nor the Miss Universe Organization have commented on Laury’s accusations at this time.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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