Swizz Beatz alleged mistress speaks again

    Swizz Beatz’s alleged mistress is explaining why she’s decided to go public with their relationship.

    Two days after the gossip about Swizz having a woman on the side started, Christina Elizabeth dropped by "The Madd Hatta Morning Show" to give her side of the story. The Houston singer has already released a statement to Bossip.com, but now she’s answering the questions on everyone’s minds.

    For starters, Christina and Swizz aren’t sleeping together right now—if you define right now as today while she was in the studio. As recently as two weeks ago, Swizz asked her for a nude pic and sexted her during the 2011 VMAs.

    "He’s a very nice person. I can say that we’ve been friends before all of this and then this happened, it was on and off," Christina explained. "I’ve been in relationships where I still communicated with him. There was nothing sexual going on between him and I when I was in a relationship and even recently it wasn’t sexual. I mean it could’ve gotten to the point but everything happens for a reason."

    And after losing the phone that contained all of her sexy messages from Swizz, which is how this story leaked in the first place, Christina is being a lot more careful about what she sends out these days.

    "I learned my lesson with naked pictures. I’m gonna tell you that right now," she said. "If I ever send somebody a naked picture, I delete it right away."

    She also dispelled speculation that she may have been using Swizz to boost her own fledgling music career. "Not at all, no. No, I have a lot of friends that work in the music industry and I don’t use them for that," Christina said.  "I’ve been doing this for nine years…I’ve been writing, singing, I’ve been doing all of this stuff. Not one time have I asked anybody who’s in the industry if they can help me out. I always left it up to them."

    Christina added, "If I was doing this for fame, I would have done this a long time ago. It’s been four years.

    If she were in Alicia Key’s supposed position, Christina admits that she doesn’t know what she’d do. It really just depends on her frame of mind. "Sane Christina would sit down and talk about the situation but insane Christina would stab and twist," the Houston singer said.

    Alicia can rest easy, though, because Christina said she’s not gunning for the position of the main chick. "No, I don’t think so," Christina answered when asked if she’s got any lingering feelings for Swizz. "Even at the age of 19, I wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I’m going to be with him’, because I saw the reality of it all; I guess. That’s pretty much impossible.”

    Now that she’s aired out all of her dirty laundry, Christina pledged there’d be no future future reports of hook ups with Swizz. Christina said she’s reached her breaking point and is well and truly done with the producer.

    When asked when she’ll move on from the producer, she said, "Honestly, that point is probably today because I’m done with it. I’ve said what I needed to say…. People know my story."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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