Tisha Campbell-Martin vouches for the Smiths

    Tisha Campbell-Martin knows a thing or two about successful Hollywood marriages, and the former “My Wife & Kids” star confirms that everything’s fine with Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

    “We don’t pay attention to the dumb-a$$ rumors. We actually think they’re fricking funny,” said Tisha, who’s been married to hubby Duane Martin for 21 years.

    According to Tisha, rumors of breakups are as common for Hollywood couples as red carpets and award shows.

    “Once or twice a year the rumors come out about me and Duane breaking up. Just a few weeks prior to the rumor [that Jada had cheated on Will], someone called me and said they heard we were divorcing. It’s the same way with the Smiths. It makes us laugh because we are so incredibly committed to our spouses, and we work really hard in every single facet of our relationships,” Tisha told Sister 2 Sister.

    Although she didn’t specify whether she’d actually spoken to them about the gossip, Tisha said with confidence, “They ain’t thinking about those dumb rumors.”

    Duane pretty much portrayed Will in the Smith’s sitcom “All of Us,” and Tisha said the couples have a few things in common.

    “We’re very similar in our thought processes and we keep each other accountable for everything. I make sure my hubby and I, we have this theory in our relationship. It’s God first, then you the individual, then it’s us together as a couple. After that, together we raise the children,” she said.

    Tisha, who referred to herself as a “Twitterholic,” wasn’t surprised by the breakup rumors, but was awed by the public’s reaction to the rumors, which the Smiths have denied.

    “Everybody was like, ‘if something happened to them, we might as well give up on love’,” recounted Tisha, who agrees that the Smiths seem to have managed a near-perfect relationship.

    “They’re not far from it. They are so very much in love, and we love them for it,” she said.

    —Tracy L. Scott



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