Floyd Mayweather wins controversial bout

    Floyd Mayweather defeated challenger Victor Ortiz Saturday night in a bout that has caused as much controversy as any since Mike Tyson took a bite out of Evander Holyfield’s ear.

    It was the fourth round when underdog Victor head-butted Floyd, seemingly on purpose.

    Although the ref pulled the men apart, and Victor apologized, complete with a kiss on Floyd’s sweaty cheek, the round wasn’t over.

    While Victor continued to apologize, utterly vulnerable with his hands down at his sides, Floyd took the opportunity to knock the boxer to the floor.

    While some argue that the win was undeserved and that Floyd should have waited until Victor finished apologizing before hitting him, others disagree. They, like the judges watching the fight, contend that boxers should know better than to let their guard down in the ring. Plus, Victor started it.

    See what some of Floyd’s celebrity friends tweeted:

    That wasn’t the only buzzworthy moment, though.

    After the fight, Floyd decided not to waste any time speaking to HBO commentator Larry Merchant, who Floyd said never gives him a fair shake.

    “They felt that you took shots at him unfairly,” Larry said when starting his interview with Floyd.

    “I was victorious. If he want a rematch, he can get a rematch,” Floyd said before telling Larry that HBO should fire him.

    Larry retorted, “I wish I was 50 years younger, and I’d kick your a$$.”

    Watch it.




    —Tracy L. Scott




    What do you think? Did Floyd win fair and square, or was it a dirty move? Did Victor head-butt Floyd purposely? Leave your comments below.



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