Triple-threat Tyrese isn’t slowing down

    Although he’s just locked down the rights to Teddy Pendergass’ life story and is planning to start filming a new Fast & Furious movie in April, right now Tyrese Gibson is focused on his music.

    “The album is done, mixed and mastered, it’s done…  I’m just excited. This album was done at my house, like a real labor of love. I had 14 people sleeping at my crib for three weeks…  They gave me the best album of my career… I’m very proud of this album,” said Tyrese whose Open Invitation hits stores Nov. 1.

    The “Stay” artist, whose last album was released in 2006, said it was a little difficult returning to music after working as an actor the last five years, and he had a lot of emotions to get out.

    “I haven’t worked on music since I was married at one point and then divorced, so I had all of this stuff bottled up,” he told the Breakfast Club DJs at 105.1 in New York.

    While he said it’s “all about the music right now,” Tyrese is also working on finding a publisher for his second book, Manology, co-written with Rev. Run.

    “We had 10 meetings yesterday and all 10 book publishers here in New York are now full-on bidding for the Manology book with me and Rev. Run. We gonna kind of pick up a lot of pieces from a lot of these other types of book, just kind of giving women information on how we think, how to go about us and deal with us,” said Tyrese who offered a preview of what to expect.

    “The first chapter I wrote in the book is called ‘Validation Is a Man’s Silent Killer,”’ he said. “I felt like a part of my reason in being disappointed in my ex-wife was she would ask me to stop doing this, acting like this, going about this, hangout out with this, whatever the case may be, and if I decided to make these adjustments, she never validated me and made me feel good about doing whatever she asked me to do,” explained Tyrese.

    The singer, author and actor doesn’t seem interested in giving up any of his titles. While he’s focused on music and writing now, he’s got a few projects lined up for the big screen.

    According to Tyrese, there’s another installment on the way for one of the film franchises that helped make him famous.

    “We shooting Fast & the Furious supposedly in April,” he said. That would be the sixth movie in the series.

    Plus, he’s one step closer to portraying Teddy Pendergrass, a role Tyrese has long been pursuing.

    “I just locked up the life rights—officially as of yesterday—to the life story of Teddy Pendergrass. That’s in motion, very, very happy about that,” he said.

    Watch the interview below.


    —Tracy L. Scott




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