Wendy Williams talks Charlie Sheen

    Wendy Williams found Charlie Sheen surprisingly easy to talk during their chat on today’s "Wendy Williams Show."

    The TV chat host revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that she and the embattled actor got along very well when he came to sit on her couch.

    "We had a lot in common," said Wendy. "Talking to him was as easy as a summer day."

    Charlie has only sat down with two others hosts recently to discuss what he’s got coming up: Matt Lauer of "The Today Show" and Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show." Having covered morning and late night TV, Charlie didn’t disappoint for his daytime TV appearance.

    “Charlie gave it up,” said Wendy, who loves a good scoop as much as an enjoyable chat. “We had a really easy conversation."

    By the time Charlie left the set, he’d won another fan and Wendy had one more loyal watcher!

    “I’ll be honest with you,” she said. “He leaned in and he said to me, ‘You’re so real. I like you a lot.’ He said he has seen my show before, but now he’s going to make it a point of watching.”

    Check out part of their chat in the video below.

    Wendy also had Charlie stick around for a tongue-in-cheek gameshow segment. Was he a good sport? Take a look.





    —Sonya Eskridge




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