‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 9.20.11

    Benched: Laura Govan

    MVP: Malaysia Pargo

    T-shirt line: "Ya d@#n right, Mom!"

    Draya Michelle snubbed bride Jackie Christie on Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives."

    Before we get to the wedding, though, let’s discuss all the other drama, which was in relatively short supply this week!

    Laura Govan, who had yet to reference her on-again-off-again boo Gilbert Arenas, was complaining about their relationship. Hey, if our man had abandoned us and our kids just because he got a new job, we’d be mad about it, too. But complaining that "Once you go Black you don’t ever want to go back" (implying that she was never dating Black men again) just made her look a tad bitter.

    Meanwhile, her part-time gangsta sister (there’s no way she’d win in a fight with Malaysia Pargo!) was running things on the court by coaching a high school varsity basketball team. Gloria isn’t just catty; she’s bossy, too! 

    Yet again, Malaysia did her best to stay above the judgemental trend set by her other castmates by attending a photo shoot with Draya. She might be a part of the "cool crowd" (Jackie, Imani Showalter and the rest), but Malaysia saw no reason to make Draya an outcast simply because of her job.

    That might be because she and Draya have more in common than meets the eye! Malaysia revealed that she was a video model at one point, too. We wonder how the older "Wives" would view her if they knew that. Would she all of a sudden be a groupie/gold digger who lucked up or would they still accept her as Malaysia?

    Whatever the case, finding out about their common bond gave Draya a little hope for her own love life.

    Speaking of love lives, Imani’s been feeling mighty lonely lately. Helping Jackie prep for her wedding has made her realize that she’d like a man of her own.

    Imani admitted that she never thought she’d be in a position of having to date around again. She was engaged to Stephen Jackson for nine years before they broke up. Although they had two kids together, the pair never made it down the aisle, and that’s left Imani wrestling with the question of whether she devoted herself to the wrong man for too long.

    The weight of her lackluster love life came crashing down on her right before Jackie’s wedding as she broke down at a club. Whomever she ends up dating, however, will be getting package deal as Imani is the one raising her children.

    Somehow, without really needing to be filled in, Suzie went right for the sore spot with the cast: Draya! Suzie swears she likes to avoid drama, but she is always in the middle of it!

    It was interesting to see Gloria say that the drama in Los Angeles was actually more than in Miami. Which city does she prefer, though?



    The rest of the cast was shocked that Draya decided not to attend Jackie’s oh-so-exclusive and intimate 16th wedding at the Palms in Las Vegas. After calling her "worthless" and making it clear that she wasn’t exactly tight with them, we had to laugh that they were genuinely surprised that Draya would choose to RSVP "No."

    So what did Draya do with her afternoon instead? She decided a little personal grooming was a much better use of her time than attending an event where she really wasn’t all that welcome.

    Can you blame her?


    Whether Draya was there or not, Jackie and Doug still renewed their vows before family and friends. Fortunately, that included Jackie’s mother, who witnessed the nuptials via Skype.

    We may not like the way Jackie acts all the time, but she showed a much softer side at her wedding. When she nearly broke down in tears at the sight of her mother on the screen, it was a very real moment. And to see her hubby, Doug Christie, moved to tears was unexpected. The public can say whatever they want about Jackie, but she seems to have a tight-knight family.

    It was good to see the ladies leave the mean-girl swag in Los Angeles to celebrate love. It was also good to see that they’re capable of being supportive and positive!





    —Sonya Eskridge



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