Evelyn and Jen fighting on Twitter?!

    Could an online misunderstanding spell doom for "Basketball Wives" BFFs Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams?!

    Jennifer didn’t exactly get to have a drama-free birthday this weekend (BTW, happy birthday, Jen!) because of a series of misconstrued tweets that started a brief online beef with Evelyn.

    "@BoChristiann yo I’m calling u tomorrow! I can’t with homegirl! Wait until I tell u…," Jen tweeted inocuously enough on Sunday night.  "Everyhing happens for a reason! I see who is really down… Reaon, season, lifetime! What box do u fall in? Time to cut off ppl!"

    She she didn’t specifically name who the fairly general tweets were aimed at, but people started buzzing when Jen wrote, "As my girl @angelayee coined ‘hoes be winning’ WOW."

    Automatically people assumed that Jen was tweeting about her BFF Evelyn, and they immediately started prodding her castmate to retaliate. After much instigating, Evelyn seemingly fired back with, "My circle of friends gets smaller & smaller & I love it! I don’t have time for fake friendship…keep it movin!"

    "GNight tweets! I’m the last one to mess with when I know all your business…#SubTweet," Evelyn stated before warning her unidentified opponent to back off. "I’m a ROTTWEILER & a your a mutha F-in ChiHuaHua! I will chew u up and spit u out! "Keep It Movin" #TryMeIfYouWantTo"

    To drive the point home, she added, "Shots are about to be FIRED! Lets go!! Trust me u won’t win boo!!"

    Jen, who had gotten tired of all the speculation that she was trying to go in on Evelyn had to clear the air later.

    "For the record I am not subtweeting anyone!! It’s a joke with @TanashaRealtor! Stop being messy! D@#n…" Jen tweeted in frustration, denying that she and Evelyn are fighting. "@necolebitchie @EvelynLozada I’m not talking about Evelyn! Not sure where ppl got that from! Having a convo with a friend at dinner! D@#n!"

    Evelyn and Jen have been at odds in the past. The ladies got into a mini-argument during cast trip to Rome when Evelyn asked Jen why she said some not-so-nice things about Evelyn’s fiancée Chad Ochocinco during a radio interview.

    The pair quickly got over that fight, but Evelyn has yet to comment on the current status of her friendship with Jen.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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