Fabolous’ story differs from Ray J’s

    Fabolous called in to New York’s Power 105.1 radio station Monday night to tell his story of what happened between him and Ray J in Vegas Saturday night.

    According to Fabolous, when he and Ray J first saw each other earlier that evening at a dinner hosted by Diddy, everything was good. The singer laughed, along with Kevin Hart, DJ Clue and other guests, about Fab’s tweets that mocked Ray’s “One Wish” performance for Floyd Mayweather that aired on HBO.

    Later, at the fight when they saw each other again, Ray J’s tone had changed.

    “I’m thinking he’s continuing the talk from the dinner and still making more joke of it and probably bringing it back up,” Fabo said. “I go to speak to Floyd, and he’s still chiming away in my ear.”

    Apparently, that’s when things got a little physical.

    “While he’s talking to me, he’s like touching my shoulder and like tapping me on the chest and like, just talking. So, I’m like, ‘If you’re serious, let’s just end this. First of all, don’t touch me.’

    “From there he leaned back and then he like pushed off of me at my chest. So then, when he pushed off of me, I jumped back at him and I grabbed him up. There was no fight. There was no swing,” recounts Fab, who said any reports of an actual fight are “all lies.”

    Although Ray J predicted that Fabolous would call into DJ Clue’s evening show to apologize, what listeners heard was the rapper’s accusation that Ray J was high on drugs.

    “It is what it is at this point. This ish is more war on drugs than a war between Ray J and me. This nigga is high and coked up or on pills. His rant is hilarious to me. I’m laughing at his whole character. There is nobody who believes Ray J is gangster,” Fab said.

    Judging by the trending topic #thingstougherthanRayJ, Fabolous isn’t too far off base with his assertion that the public doesn’t view Ray J as a tough guy.

    It may be those comments from the Twitter-verse that prompted Ray J to issue an apology to his fans.

    “I want to apologize to my fans that might have been offended by the things I said on the radio today. I lost control,” he wrote.

    However, neither artist has publicly apologized to the other. Instead, after his interview, Fab got in one last shot.





    Listen to Fabo’s interview below.




    —Tracy L. Scott



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