50 Cent talks Ray J vs. Fabolous

    Video of Ray J’s fight with Fabolous has surfaced and 50 Cent is talking about what actually went down.

    There’s been a lot of speculation about what happened when Ray and Fab got into it over the weekend in Las Vegas. Now there’s a video and an eyewitness report!

    50 Cent told Funk Master Flex last night that, contrary to popular belief that 50 started the fight, Ray J instigated the situation by putting his hands on Fab when the two met up.

    "Ray popped off and said, ‘I told you, my people are not going to be happy with all of [Fabolous’ Twitter jokes].’ He was about 5 inches from his face," said 50, who noted that Ray approached Fab while wearing a red hoodie, red shorts and sandals. "He got pretty close to him. Ray J tapped him on both shoulders at the same time and Fab was looking at him like he was crazy."

    As 50 tells it, Fab didn’t look all that fazed by Ray’s attempts to start a fight. As a matter of fact, the G Unit label head said that neither one of them looked all that afraid of the other before fists started flying. 50 was hesitant to call it a fight, however, since no one actually got hit.

    "I didn’t see no fear…Well, Fab had on those dark glasses. He had on black glasses. Well, if he got punched in the face, Flex, Fab wouldn’t have went onstage with no glasses. That would tell you how bad he was hit," 50 said. "He didn’t [get punched in the face]; it ain’t enough to be called a punch. There was a swing, but it didn’t land on nothing so you can’t call it a punch."

    50 said he was the one that broke Ray and Fab up after the singer started swinging because their bad behavior would be caught on camera. "I pushed Fab and his brother Paul to the side like ‘Yo, chill, chill,’" 50 recalled. "You’re always under the eye in the sky in Vegas. Any place you act [out] you’re going to be on tape."

    And the rap mogul was right as video of the fight has made its way to the Internet. Take a look at what happened below.

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    —Sonya Eskridge




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