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    Former Bunny pans ‘Playboy Club’

    Reviews for NBC’s "The Playboy Club" have been mixed, but one woman well acquainted with the subject is not a fan.

    Former Bunny Marilyn Miller told Vanity Fair that NBC completely misrepresented what went on at the actual club.

    "The first thing that was incorrect was the dancing together—we never danced! The Bunnies danced together, but never with a customer. It was a rule," Marilyn admonished, pointing out that such behavior could actually cost you your job. "You couldn’t dance with the keyholders. They couldn’t touch you. You couldn’t date them, or you’d get fired. The Bunnies enforced the rule themselves—they didn’t want to get hit on all the time."

    According to Marilyn, politicians and mobsters didn’t frequent the club, either. "I didn’t like the whole show. I thought it was cheap, it was degrading, it was demoralizing. It makes the Bunnies seem silly," Marilyn said. And she’s not the only who gave the show a big ears down. "Not one Bunny I know liked the show. Everyone is hoping it gets canceled. "

    Watch the premiere below for yourself and tell us what you thought.


    Mel B debuts baby Madison

    Mel B and hubby Stephen Belafonte showed off the newest addition to their family.

    In the new issue of Hello! magazine, the former Scary Spice said she had a fairly funny labor. “Phoenix had one leg and Stephen the other … they were winding each other up. I was cracking up so much I didn’t need to push,” she said.

    Scroll down and check out the first photo of the proud parents with little Madison.



    Paula Patton spotted with baby in NYC

    Paula Patton was caught by the paparazzi as she took her favorite little man out for a stroll in New York. 

    Paula and son Julian Fuego decided to get in some mother-son time, and she looked casually glamorous in her skinny jeans and striped top. Take a look!



    Toccara to make ‘Ultimate’ decision

    Toccara will be choosing one of two eligible bachelors during the season finale of “Ultimate Merger” this Thursday.

    The former BET host and “America’s Next Top Model” contestant has narrowed it down to two: Jason and Frank.

    Throughout the season, the fellas have had to compete in challenges that ranged from dance contests to obstacle courses, but despite the madness, Jason and Frank were able to rise to the top and make an impression on the object of their affection.

    Fans will have to tune in to TV One Thursday at 9 p.m. ET to find out which guy Toccara chooses.


    Jordin Sparks talks People to People

    Jordin Sparks visited “The Talk” recently and spoke about an organization she feels passionately about.

    “People to People helps get students overseas to experience new things,” said Jordin, who took her younger brother with her when she traveled with the group. According to Jordin, “Over 20,000 students went overseas.”

    Of course, out of all those students, her brother, who now attends college, is her favorite. 
“He’s just become my entire world,” she told “The Talk” hosts.

    Jordin also spoke about touring with the Backstreet Boys. Watch.


    Common unfazed by Fox

    Common said the attacks on his character waged by some Fox News correspondents after hearing of his White House invitation didn’t really upset him.

    “I definitely knew that they didn’t do the research on Common because anybody that knows Common, they know the positive energy that comes out in my lyrics,” said the rapper, who realized it was all politics.

    However, he was concerned about the impression left on those who weren’t already familiar with his music.

    “Some people who weren’t aware of me were getting this information and taking that and believe it, but the truth always comes to light,” said Common, who’s hoping his book, One Day It Will All Make Sense, will help express who he really is.

    Common also speaks on President Obama. Watch.


    Smokey Robinson receives the Ella Award

    As if he doesn’t already have a mantel full of awards somewhere that’s about to fall over, legendary Motown artist Smokey Robinson recently received the Ella Award, named after jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald.

    Smokey told “Access Hollywood” that he appreciates the accolades, but that’s not why he does what he does.

    “I don’t do this to get awards, and when I do it’s like icing on the cake because I don’t expect them,” he said.

    “I’m very blessed. I earn a living doing what I love. You can’t beat that,” said Smokey, who isn’t yet tired of singing those same songs that made him famous decades ago.

    “When I do concerts, some of those songs I’ve sang thousands of times, but every night they’re new to me,” he said. “Some people think that when you’re in show business all you do is perform and party," but for Smokey, the concert is the party.

    When asked about the most popular song from his catalogue, he said, “My most popular song worldwide … is ‘My Girl.’”

    Smokey also talks about his youthful crush on Diana Ross. Watch.





    —Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott

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