Laura Govan’s got ‘ghetto’ love

    Laura Govan is denying that she reunited with baby daddy Gilbert Arenas for any reason other than love.

    The "Basketball Wives: LA" cast member confirmed to EliteDCRadio that she and Gilbert have reunited after a sudden and tumultuous split last year.

    "We are back together…. We got black, ghetto…it’s crazy, dangerous in love…we got it all," Laura said during her visit to "The Autumn Joi Live Show with Famous Dave" earlier this week.

    Might having it all include getting a bigger home soon? When Laura and all of her kids moved to the West Coast shortly after Gilbert was traded to the Orlando Magic, she had to live in a two-bedroom apartment, which was a far cry from the huge home she was accustomed to. The reality TV star was quick to point out, though, that the smaller home was just a temporary set up.

    "We were in a place just for a short period of time. [People were like] ‘Oh my God, this is where she lives at?’" said Laura, who hinted that finances might be a factor in romance for her. "Don’t get it twisted. Come on y’all. I ain’t saying I’m a gold digger, but I ain’t messing with no broke n!*ga."

    Laura said people shouldn’t label her a gold digger because she didn’t hook up with Gilbert for his salary. In fact, she told "Autumn Joi" that there was a time when she was responsible for feeding the NBA star.

    "I feel like people need to understand that I paid my dues. I’ve been with this dude before he even had any money," Laura said. "I remember there was a time we were both out eating cheeseburgers and I had to pay. So don’t get it twisted that lasted for a long time and I loved him then and I love him now but I’m not going to defend that."

    She also pointed out that she and Gilbert, despite never having married, had a family together during their decade as a couple. "I don’t have to justify who I am or what I am. That’s really ignorant to say," she asserted. "I would never look at another woman and be like, ‘You’re a groupie! You got four kids with somebody in 10 years. Oh yeah, you’re a gold digger!’ Shut up."

    Laura wouldn’t, however, be so forgiving in her estimation of women like "BBW: LA" cast mate Draya Michele. "I think Draya is a good person but Draya is a hustler. At the end of the day, I would classify her to be a groupie or a gold digger," Laura stated. "She is what she is and she stays in her lane and I can’t knock her hustle and I don’t."

    Draya’s past includes several professional athletes and a brief romance with Chris Brown. In Laura’s opinion, it looks as though Draya targets a very specific type of man: the rich and famous. Laura feels that behavior will always keep Draya in a certain position.

    "We really don’t co-exist. Like, I’m on the floor; you’re in the nose bleeds and I keep it moving," she stated. "Groupies and gold diggers don’t co-exist. I don’t speak like she speaks. I don’t do what she does and she fits in that category so she stays there."

    Laura thinks there may be hope for Draya yet. "I do feel like somebody is gonna save her. I mean after awhile, she’s always in the mix …I mean she’s dated a lot of athletes," Laura reasoned. "She really has no ties or connections to this show. It is what it is but like I said, I’m not hating on her."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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