‘ANTM All Stars’ recap: 9.22.11

    The Skinny: The ladies were all about branding after being given one word that defined each of them, but some might have taken it a bit too literally as things started to get a tiny bit out of control in the house.

    The Drama: Shortly after Tyra Banks and branding expert Martin Lindstrom left the mansion, there’s drama between Camille McDonald, Dominique Reighard and Bianca Golden. (Sidebar: Why were the models playing dress up?) It’s true that Camille and Dominique did speak Bianca’s name, but were they gossiping about her? That doesn’t really matter because Bianca thought they were and she decided it was time to embody her branding word: candid.

    Bianca had already revealed to viewers that she interpreted “candid” as “permission to not hold back anymore.” So when she heard her name she decided it was time to “let them know I’m something to be reckoned with.” The verbal altercation died down pretty quickly with Camille calling the whole thing “childish.”

    The Challenge: Sigh. Honestly folks, where are the planes for these girls to jump out of? Can there at least be a shoot that requires them to wear something uncomfortable? Is that too much to ask? Geez. Again, the excitement was low as the ladies just posed with hotdogs. They were tasked to do so while embodying their branding word. That’s right. For example, Bre Scullark’s word was “girlfriend.” So, she was supposed to take a photo with a hotdog and look like a girlfriend. Blank. Stare.

    The Makeovers: Bre, who was obviously in the middle of growing her hair again when she came on the show, but the “ANTM” crew just chopped it all off. Bre was so upset, she asked a producer to call her aunt to come get her. “I think my chances of winning just went out the window and it’s because I just lost my confidence and I don’t know how to ace a photo shoot when I don’t feel good enough about myself to be in front of a mirror, let alone camera.” Luckily, she decided to be a “girlfriend” to herself and stick around.

    Alexandria’s reaction was the complete opposite. She was so happy with her cut that she sobbed uncontrollably and let out a few screams, much to the dismay of the other contestants who thought it all a bit much.

    The Judging: Ashlee Simpson was on hand for the judging. Thankfully, the panel didn’t put too much emphasis on the ladies’ branding words. Seriously. How do you eat a hotdog and portray “pride” or “survivor”? Weird. Anyway, the top honors went to Lisa and Bianca. Camille—who received some coaching from Laura during her shoot–ended up in the bottom three, but most still received good comments.

    The Elimination: It was Sheena Sakai, the Asian beauty who referred to herself as “more of an entertainer,” who ended up going home, but she took it in stride. “I’m always going to be remembered as an All-Star,” she said.

    The Future?: Bre not only nearly quit, but the judges commented on a sadness in her. Hopefully, she can pull it together before she’s out. As for Camille, the judges have felt the need to give her a lot direction for these last two challenges. Although she’s been taking the constructive criticism well, it may only be a matter of time before the cycle 2 Camille returns.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    What do you think? Did Bre overreact to her haircut? Did Bianca overract to hearing her name spoken? Who’s next to leave? Leave your comments below.



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