John Legend sells sitcom to NBC

    NBC has just inked a deal for a family sitcom that is executive produced by John Legend.


    Oh! There you are John! We were beginning to wonder what happened to you (aside from the guest spot on Watch the Throne, of course!) reports that the network is set to develop John’s show, "Mixed Blessings." Mike Jackson and Teri Weinberg  will share duties as executive producers  on the single-camera show as well.

    "Mixed Blessings" will be semi-autobiograpgical show inspired by Mike’s life. The series will focus on a single rapper, whose playboy lifestyle is disrupted when he learns that he’s got a teenage son.

    Antics ensue when the rapper decides to establish a relationship with his son and the White family that adopted him. The fireworks that go off when cultures clash will supply lots of entertainingly awkward moments for the prospective audience to enjoy.

    "Mixed Blessings" will be written by Rob Pearlstein, who worked on NBC’s psychic drama "Medium" for years. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when "Mixed Blessings" might air.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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