Russell Simmons to buy a TV network

    Hip-hip mogul Russell Simmons has his sights set on a new venture and is planning to head to TV.

    “I am going to buy a TV network,” he said during an interview in Hong King, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    Russell’s idea for getting more minorities on TV isn’t just finding a place for one or two shows with a Black cast. He described that as “segregation.” His idea would put a new spin on what other networks describe as diversity.

    “There’s all these cultures that should be more integrated properly,” said Simmons who is the father of two Asian-American daughters from his marriage to Kimora Lee Simmons.

    Russell offered an example of how he’d switch things up.

    “Instead of giving Paris Hilton a show, for example, you could do one with Amber Rose,” he suggested. “You’d be better off. One is hot. The other is not.”

    Although he wasn’t specific about which was hotter, neither is actually considered a minority by most.

    That notwithstanding, Russell said he has a better idea of what TV viewers want and can deliver.

    “Networks are a little slow in how mainstream culture is shifting. There’s a lack of integration in Hollywood, and I want to address that.”

    —Tracy L. Scott


    What do you think? Russell Simmons has a pretty good track record. Does he have the answer for getting more diversity on TV?



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