Gloria Govan gushes about her relationship

    Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes may have cancelled their wedding, but she said they are still madly in love, marriage or not.

    The "Baskeball Wives: LA" star told that she and Matt still aren’t in any rush to the altar because she’s just not ready to be a wife. Her man on the other hand, might be a little more ready for a ring.

    "I think Matt is at a different place in his life right now. He’s 31 and he’s been in the league for 10 years, which is a really long time, and he’s more ready," Gloria said. "But I’m just, like, still not there yet. The last thing I want to do is put him in a headlock and drag him down the aisle. If the wheel’s not broke … why fix it?"

    When it comes to their nixed nuptials last year,  Gloria is sticking by the excuse that she and Matt were having their wedding for all the of the wrong reasons. "We’re comfortable with where we are in our relationship. We’re really solid and we’re happy. That’s why we canceled our wedding in the first place, because we realized it wasn’t for us—it was for everyone else," she said.

    Matt and Gloria aren’t just comfortable with the state of their love affair, they’re still smitten with each other! The reality TV star insists that her fiancé still finds creative little ways to express his love for her, which helps keep their romance interesting.

    "We’re super sappy. We’re into the rose petals and candles and balloons," she bragged. "He leaves me notes everywhere—like in my car, my purse, and places I would never think to look in, like my sunglasses case—and then I just find them throughout the day. They’re really brilliant notes. He’s always encouraging and supportive. He’s so cute."

    Still, Gloria admits that it can be hard to find some time for her honey as they raise a set of twins. Not to mention, Gloria’s got aspirations to take a twirl on "Dancing With the Stars" in the very near future! "I’m trying to do "Dancing with the Stars" next season so [my schedule is] just going to get even worse. I’m excited. I love to dance … I love to cut a rug. It’s fun just to let it loose."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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