Jimmy Henchmen’s brother faces jail time

    Kesner Rosemond, Brother of Czar Entertainment CEO Jimmy Henchmen, is facing a minimum to 10 years in jail after the discovery of a side drug scheme.

    According to the New York Post, Kesner Rosemond, 50, was not only a part of his brother’s huge drug business, but also started an illegal venture of his own without Jimmy’s knowledge.

    "He obtained the identities of people and their personal financial and biographical information from loan applications they had submitted to a New York car dealership," said Assistant US Attorney Todd Kaminsky.

    Kesner had already pleaded guilty to charges that he conspired to distribute cocaine with his brother, but apparently he was using these different identities to move drugs from the West Coast to New York City on his own.

    He opened Fed Ex accounts with these names and shipped drugs from Los Angeles to New York City, and Kesner’s victims had no idea what was going on. The loan applications were found in Kesner’s Georgia home after Drug Enforcement Administration agents looked around in August 2010.

    The seriousness of this tactic is particularly disturbing, given that it “not only resulted in their being victims of identity theft, but also had the horrifying potential of exposing them to interrogation or arrest if a package shipped under an account bearing their personal information had been intercepted by law enforcement,” Todd wrote in court documents.

    Things look bad for his younger brother Jimmy, too. He faces charges in New York that he used his music business as a cover for his bi-coastal cocaine trafficking and for money laundering, though he is pleading not-guilty.



    —Kylee Coney




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