Cannons cross picket line for dinner

    Those in the struggle as she called them, may now have a bone to pick with R&B songstress Mariah Carey and her man.

    On what was supposed to be an innocent date with hubby Nick Cannon, the couple waltzed their way straight through a picket line of angry protestors.

    According to, the duo was merely attempting to visit Central Park Boathouse restaurant in Manhattan on Sunday, when they were booed and shouted at by the group.

    To justify their actions, Mariah took to Twitter. She started off by explaining that their disrespect was not intentional. “Ok-obviously we didn’t purposely dine at a restaurant w/a picket line…”

    “So when you see a ‘video’ of me walking thru a bunch of picketers as they say ‘Shhhhaaame on yoooou’ please understand – we respect… All people and have nothing but respect for those in the struggle, she continued.

    Do you think Mariah was wrong for offending the workers for the sake of a romantic dinner?



    —Ciara Smith




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