‘In the Hive’ clarifies a demographic

    The independent film, In the Hive, unveils the truth of a misunderstood demographic – the young Black American male.

    The film, a Robert Townsend production, is based on the true story of Vivian Sanders, a cook at an alternative school in North Carolina, who took on the responsibility of educating boys who no one else would teach.

    In the Hive stars Loretta Devine, Michael Clarke Duncan and Vivica A. Fox. Newcomer Jonathan McDaniel stars as Xtra Keys, a student gang member with a troubled past.

    In the midst of growing up with a mother who neglects the responsibilities of bringing up three children, an incarcerated father and an infant son to raise, Xtra is a 17-year-old Black teen on the verge of manhood who yearns for more but is suffocated by his unfortunate reality.

    The most dynamic part of the film was the amplification of the many variables within Xtra’s life that effected the decisions he made and the honest candid perceptions that other communities have about individuals like him.

    The honesty was very refreshing, there were several moments in the film that caused the audience members to hold their breaths and look to their Black neighbor seated to their left or their White neighbor on their right to see how they were reacting to some of the truths being told in the film.

    Robert said the film, which is currently being screened in cities like New York and New Jersey, will be ready for a 2012 major release.

    One thing’s for sure, In the Hive is defying the odds, pushing through stereotypes and motivating a cultural revolution.

    —Marcus A. Williams


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