Lauryn Hill sued for fashions

    A Los Angeles fashion consultant is suing Lauryn Hill for holding onto some designer duds a little too long. reports that stylist Via Davia Vintage filed suit aganist the "Everything Is Everything" singer in L.A. Superior Court. The suit claims that Lauryn stole clothes from the company back in 2007 during her European tour.

    In this case, the term "steal" is being defined as "failure to return the concert wardrobe provided at the agreed upon time." Supposedly, Lauryn was only allowed to keep the clothes from Via Davia Vintage for four weeks for a fixed price.

    The consultants claim that not only did not pay all of what she owed, she kept some of the clothes for three months, if she returned them at all. Via Davia Vinatge accuses Lauryn of keeping 70 percent of the clothes it loaned her, and the haul was almost entirely comprised of the more expensive items that she was allowed to borrow.

    This is the second law suit stemming from Lauryn’s tour. Back in August, the singer’s old guitar player sued her, claiming she owed him $20,000 in unpaid wages.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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