‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 9.27.11

    Benched: Imani Showalter

    MVP: Draya Michele

    T-Shirt Line: "…and that’s how she made her money."

    Somehow, for Imani Showalter and Laura Govan, celebrating love at the wedding of a dear friend turned into whining about their own failed romances. We get it, ladies. You both picked men that were no good for you. To say you have no more love to give, however? That’s a problem.

    Since when did one man’s mistakes ever justify you closing up the love shack for all other suitors? Maybe that’s why Imani’s been single so long: She forgot that love is always in limitless supply.

    We will commend Laura for admitting her own fault in her situation, and that was in picking the wrong man. But we wonder what was going on in the Arenas/Govan household when this came on because Laura and Gilbert are back together enjoying their "ghetto" love (her words, not ours).

    Lucky for Malaysia, her own happy marriage seems to be devoid of the craziness that has her castmates all twisted. Kudos!

    Malaysia, like all the other wives, wanted to know why Draya decided to skip Jackie Christie’s  uber-exclusive wedding in Vegas.  Without any hesitation, Draya let it be known that she didn’t feel welcome. And if the hostess had to consult everyone about whether she deserved to be there, Draya figured it wasn’t really a party she wanted to attend anyway.


    Meanwhile, Laura was getting a little help for her anger management issues. That’s certainly a better alternative than just randomly busting people in the face. Good for her!


    This next clip is the sole reason that Imani got benched this week. It was straight-up uncomfortable to watch this training session, and the professional helping Laura, Imani and Gloria Govan had to feel awkward.

    There’s nothing wrong with talking about sex with your girlfriends. However, having that talk while working out at the gym—while making shameless passes at the hunky trainer—is not the time or the place.


    Disgruntled bride Jackie, who has been married three times (besides these past 16), sat down with Draya to rehash the model’s nuptial no-show. Yet again, Draya stuck to her guns and stated that she really didn’t feel welcome because of things that she had heard.

    Draya proved herself to be bigger than others have given her credit for by apologizing for the last-minute cancellation. If we’re being honest, though, Jackie was probably a little relieved that Draya wasn’t there, since she and others have said that Draya isn’t the type of woman they want around their men anyway.

    It was interesting that Jackie sort of confirmed that she had a pow-wow with the rest of the cast about inviting Draya, but still advised the outcast to address Jackie directly in matters like this.


    A line of jewelry for kids isn’t a bad idea and we can’t knock Malaysia’s hustle. Every woman should be allowed to have something going on for herself outside of her home.

    All that said, who’s paying $700 – $3,000 to give their child an accessories that will end up lost on the playground?


    After verbal and physical attacks at the most inappropriate places, the ladies of "BBW: LA" finally stepped into the ring! Ironic, now that they are in the one place where throwing down is encouraged, they wanted to go easy on each other.

    Well most of them. Laura still tried to put a hurtin’ on Draya, who was supposedly talking smack about her and her kids. Can’t they just get along?!


    PS: Has anyone seen Kimsha Artest or Tanya Williams anywhere? These ladies have been missing for at least three episodes. What happened to them? Just sayin’.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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