Eric Roberson teams up for ‘Mister Nice Guy’

    He’s not new to the game, in fact he’s a Grammy-nominated artists with seven other albums. Now Eric Roberson talks about the anticipation of his new album Mister Nice Guy and the collaboration of his label.
    In 2001, Eric transformed his songwriting company into an entire label called Blue Erro Soul, which stands for Believe Live Understand and Enjoy Eric Roberson’s Song of Unconditional Love. He said back then he was “trying to make a statement with the title,” but that he is still content with the name today.
    Now, on its 10th year anniversary, Eric has entered into a partnership with Purpose music group and Entertainment One.
    He says it’s been a long time coming to go into business with long-time associates George Little John and Russel Johnson. “It was the next step for me and my company to provide an opportunity where we could not only bring our albums to a larger mass of people, but also set up where I can sign other acts and artists,” said Eric.
    Fans just might be seeing Mister Nice Guy in more major chain stores, making it more accessible to music lovers. Though he has not always wanted to be an entrepreneur, Eric said he always had a creative freedom that he thinks would be limited if under a major label.
    “The main thing is that as an independent artist you have to wear more hats. It’s a lot of work regardless, whether you’re major or independent,” Eric explained. “On the major side, you have to appease a lot of people. The same way you have to win somebody to get signed, you’re constantly trying to win people over internally to work your project, feel good about the project, or put money behind the project.”
    Being independent, however, isn’t much different. Eric said it just eliminates some of the people between him and his fans.

“Sure you might still have a great deal of diligence in making the album great, but being independent is a more direct connection to the fans,” Robert insisted. “I love the fact that I’m my own boss, I love the fact that I can make the songs that are in my head and release them when I want to.”
    Just what can fans expect to hear? The same “grown and sexy” sound with a little bit of a “funny” twist is on the album.
    “It might be a bit of a goofier touch than previous albums, but just from a sense of humor. I think I was sillier on this album than I’ve ever been, but at the same time it still has that mature sound that people know me for,” Eric admitted.
    He thinks people will respond well to Mister Nice Guy’s feel-good sound. Just this past June, Eric released the single “Summertime Anthem” to fans; to his surprise, over 25,000 people downloaded it in that month.
    “If we have a song that feels good, let it go. Let it just be a hit. The response was beautiful, “ Eric said of “Summertime Anthem.” “I listened to the fans, and I think they know that. The reaction was so nice that we said, hey lets put it on the album, I just wanted to share it.”
    Fans and newcomers alike can listen out for Chubb Rock, Phonte of Foreign exchange, and a Chicago group called The One among many others as features on Mister Nice Guy. And although he has written for and worked with artists like Musiq Soulchild and Jill Scott, Eric said he still has a few dream collaborations he would like to do. Naming Erykah Badu and Bill Withers as exceptional artists, Eric said he has a great deal of respect for both of them.
    “I just love how they create. I would be just as happy watching them create as I would be creating for them,” Eric told S2S.
    When asked if he expected to be nominated again for any songs off of Mister Nice Guy, he explained that he didn’t even expect the first nomination. “Just having the title Grammy nominated, especially as an independent artist, is just amazing…but it would be nice to win it,” said Eric.
    Still Eric, stressed that it has always been about his love for music and his loyalty to his fans and music lovers everywhere that keeps him going.



    —Kylee Coney





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