T.I. to celebrate release with brunch

    T.I. is planning to pop bottes for his welcome-home party next week.

    In an attempt to keep it classy, TMZ.com reports, T.I. will be hosting a brunch costing $100,000 in Atlanta to commemorate his release from federal custody.

    The brunch won’t be anything like the tame tea party one usually envisions for a brunch. Instead, Diddy will be supplying the party with 150 bottles of Ciroc, which will be enough for each guest to have their own bottle.

    It’s estimated that food for the affair will cost  $28,000, about $8,000 of that being dedicated to the dessert budget alone.

    VIP guests will also get a very unique parting gift! There’s word that AKOO reps will be taking their measurements for tailor-made pieces.

    The brunch is currently scheduled for October 2.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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