Next singer RL prepping for new album

    Next member RL revealed the struggles he’s been going through, including a failed marriage and suicidal thoughts, while prepping his next album.

    “A lot of artists are coming out with material that is beneath them because they are trying to be successful,” RL told This is just one of the reason RL why he’s taking his time to drop his next big project. 

    Currently recording a new album entitled Music 101 with his group and production company Minnesota Nights, RL said “We have been gone so long so we want to make sure we do it right.”

    He continued, “A lot of artists are following the radio and artists that they think are popular are not selling like you think they are. A lot of artists that are popular are not paid. I’m still eating off records from over a decade ago."

    Many artists can’t claim the same accomplishment, and it led RL to share his line of reasoning for sticking to the basics of just making good music. "What happens when what you talk about fads now?" he questioned. "New artists need to think about tomorrow. What happens when the S500 and being in VIP changes?”

    The “Too Close” singer shared a bit of his personal life as well. “I was so damaged and jaded by the industry. I got divorced and everything I wrote or sang was about me being hurt, " revealed RL.

    In hindsight, there are some  changes that the singer said he would have made to his life if he had it all to do again. "I would rewind and change the people around me and handle my business a little differently. I would have been smarter on who I keep close. I kept some people away that should have been closer. I would have handled it a lot better," he admitted.

    "I was damaged so I needed a break; it’s not like I came out with garbage when I took that break" RL added. "I wish I could have did it all over all together because I had a deal with Clive with $450,000 on the table. I didn’t know how to handle it.”

    Even still, after a record deal, a  faulty marriage, and  business regrets, RL still remembers his humble beginnings.  The platinum artist recalled growing up in Minnesota and how it influenced who he is today, and his company name. 

    “The reason it’s called ‘Minnesota Nights’ is because I contemplated suicide when I was younger,” said RL. “When I was little I would listen to After 7, Jodeci, Baby Face and God would tell me to hold up. That’s what Minnesota Nights remind me of, those rough times. Whenever I get down I remember those Minnesota nights.”



    —Ciara Smith




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