Isis King: ‘ANTM’ elimination was ‘unfair’

    In a shocking judging that landed fan-favorites Isis King and Angelea Preston in the bottom two, Isis ended up getting the boot after only three episodes of “ANTM” All-Stars."

    “I was really surprised. I understood the week’s challenge, but at the same time it’s about branding and it’s about picking that person with that ‘it’ factor and that star quality. So, if that’s what it’s about, then I think that was completely unfair,” said Isis, whose ultimate downfall was a challenge involving stilts.

    Although Tyra Banks admitted that Isis’ photo wasn’t the worst of the bunch, an earlier challenge automatically saved six girls—and Isis wasn’t one of them.

    Even though she didn’t win, Isis said some good things resulted from her participating in the season.

    “I made friends,” she said. “I think that the world seeing me as a more confident person … helped my image in the world. Now, I’m seen as more than being just a spokesperson, but a confident person. I think that has the capability of helping my career even more," explained Isis, who credits her new body with helping boost her confidence.

    “When I had my breast augmentation, that’s when I just completely became confident with myself and became more sexy and comfortable,” said Isis, who still deals with some questionable comments now, even though her gender reassignment is complete.

    “I don’t hold grudges,” Isis said about those who still toss her some shade. So, she doesn’t plan to stop speaking to fellow contestant Camille McDonald, who described herself as a “real woman” when comparing herself to Isis, indirectly implying that Isis’ womanhood is in question.

    “Don’t worry about how people look at you. The more you worry about it. The more it keeps rubbing off,” the motivational speaker said.

    In addition to modeling, designing and speaking, Isis told Sister 2 Sister that she’ll be featured in a movie soon.

    “I’m going to the Philippines to shoot [my] first full-length film, called Hello Forever," she said.

    Will she return to “ANTM” if there’s ever another All-Star season? “That would be a joke,” she said.

    —Tracy L. Scott



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