Kim Kardashian confronted by ‘H8r’

    What happened when Kim Kardashian came face to face with one her biggest haters?

    Love it or hate it, Kim and her family are everywhere including the CW’s newest reality show "H8r," where disgruntled citizens sit down with the objects of their loathing.

    In one of the first episodes a Black woman named Deena made it very clear that she not happy with all the attention Kim gets for her booty. And she’s not crazy abut Kim’s old habit of interracial dating.

    "She’s got a fake booty; she’s all over the media with our men," Deena  unabashedly ranted in a clip recorded before Kim wed Kris Humphries. "Everything about you is fake. You know where all of that s#!t you got came from. It comes from [Black women.]"

    Deena added, "You need to stop acting like you’re the first person to ever have a booty!"

    The artist also takes issue with what she felt was Kardashians’ lack of concern for the Black community, which Kim kind of disproved when she met her hater in the flesh.

    What did Deena have to say once Kim got in her face? Take a look!

    Was Kim able to convert her hater? Find out when you watch the whole episode here!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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