Stacie Turner talks Salahis and life after reality

    Cameras and microphones no longer follow Stacie Turner around her quiet northwest Washington home, but the former "Real Housewives of D.C." star isn’t complaining.

    “Life is good! I’m really, really busy on a couple fronts, besides just the normal family stuff,” said Stacie.

    Last spring, the Bravo network canceled "The Real Housewives of D.C." after only one season. But Stacie believes the show was a casualty of the controversy surrounding her former cast mate, Michaele Salahi and Salahi’s husband, Tareq—also infamously known as the White House party crashers.

    “People tried to say it was poor ratings. We had some of the highest ratings for all of the shows. We had a character that did something that’s never been done before on national television.”

    Earlier this month, the Salahis again made national news when Tareq reported his wife missing. As it turned out, Michaele really left her hubby to run off with the lead guitarist from the rock band, Journey.
    “Both of them are nuts! However, I did get to see a side of [Michaele] that made me sympathetic toward her. I think the relationship between her and Tareq was not positive in any way, shape or form. So if running off with a rocker is gonna make her happy… then great for her,” said Stacie. 

    Surprisingly, Stacie says the only cast member she’s kept in touch with is Cat Ommanney—the feisty, outspoken Brit who tangled with Stacie during a discussion about race on the show’s first episode. 

    These days, Stacie is more focused on her thriving real estate business and humanitarian work. She was recently named an ambassador for the American Humane Association and is the founder of Extra-Ordinary Life—a foundation she started two years ago to help teenage girls living in foster care excel in college and in life.

    “I think about when I went to college, I couldn’t survive without my family—financially, you know, support and otherwise. And these kids don’t have those types of support. So that’s what we’re all about, trying to level the playing field for these kids.”

    Stacie, who was adopted when she was a baby, said she doesn’t communicate with her biological mother, but her relationship with her biological father in Nigeria continues to grow.  She even looks forward to him visiting her and her family in the next couple months.

    As for a return to television in the future, Stacie hasn’t completely tuned out.  

    “I mean, never say never… but for me it’s all about the image. If it was a quality show, yeah.”




    —Myranda Stephens




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