Tracee Ellis Ross intros Carla’s closet

    Tracee Ellis Ross is giving prospective viewers a preview of what they can expect her to wear on "Reed Between The Lines."

    One of the things we love about Tracee is her style on and off camera. The fashionista actress has an eye for what works for her, and she’s applied that knowledge to her character Carla Reed.

    Tracee gave a a quick tour of Carla’s closet, which she helped to conceptualize. "We created this closet," she said, noting that the costume designers do much of the work.

    As Tracee explained it, the wardrobe staff presented her with a board of ideas for different looks while taking her style into consideration. The actress is pretty giddy with the results. "This happens to be an extremely large closet. It happens to be an extremely full closet. And it happens to be an extremely delicious closet," she teased before guiding cameras along the racks.

    During the preview, Tracee admitted that she has been known to "borrow" some bags from wardrobe. But she was keeping mum about how many of the shoes (the "fun" part of the closet) walked home with her.

    Fans of "Girlfriends" shouldn’t expect a rehash of Joan’s look for "Reed Between The Lines" as Carla’s closet is in short supply of the fictional lawyer’s style staple.

    "Very few suits. Joan Carol Clayton on ‘Girlfriends’ was mostly suits. Dr. Carla Reed, therapist? Not so many suits," Tracee said. "Carla is a feminine, strong, eclectic, grounded, open woman." 

    Rifle through the racks with Tracee in the clip below!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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