Ray J didn’t record with Victor Ortiz

    Ray J was surprised to hear that he had recorded a track with Floyd Mayweather’s rival, Victor Ortiz.

    During a radio interview earlier this week, Ray cleared up reports that he’s been in the studio with Victor. Actually, the singer said that news of the boxer rapping on one of his songs caught him totally off guard when a friend told him about it.

    "I  ain’t never even heard it. That’s my dude, but we ain’t never recorded no songs together," Ray J said, explaining that Victor may simply have rapped over one of Ray’s unused tracks. "I do songs every day. What they do with the songs, sometimes you don’t have no control over."

    And although Ray is close friends with Floyd, the R&B singer doesn’t have anything unkind to say about Victor. In fact, he said they get along pretty well.

    "Ortiz my boy, but I introduced them together. I introduced them before they even fought," Ray J said. "But as far as music, I ain’t been in the studio with Vic. I ain’t even know he was rapping! He’s a great fighter, but I didn’t know he was in the studio."

    With one beef successfully avoided, the DJ wanted to know how things are going since Ray’s highly publicized fight with Fabolous.

    "You gotta grow from that. That was me letting my frustrations take over," Ray said. "Whatever situations happened behind closed doors, we should have left it at that. So, as a man, I’m accepting my responsibilities on that end and growing from it."

    Ray also stated that both and he Fab are way too busy to be carrying a grudge over a minor scuffle.

    "We’re both back to work. We’re both moving on from it," the singer said.       "[I’m] back to work on the music. We’ve got a new show coming."

    Find out when Ray’s new show (and his next studio project) will be coming out when you listen to the audio below.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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