Black Eyed Peas Inspires NYC to Give $4 Million at Concert

    This past Friday the Black Eyed Peas performed at Central Park in NYC, rallying over 60,000 fans that didn’t mind partying in the rain for a good cause.

    The popular “I Got A Feeling” group got with the Robin Hood foundation and Chase Bank to host a free concert geared towards ending poverty and homelessness in New York. People were asked to donate to the foundation via text message; together they raised $4 million.

    “’The rain stopped us last time but it ain’t gonna stop us this time!” said in reference to the amount of people at the concert. It was originally scheduled for June 11 but was canceled because of bad weather.

    People came back ready to party on the 30th however. When the rain started again a few folks left, but most stayed to hear the energetic group perform and look at their unique outfits. Fergie’s gold-plated black dress ensemble along with’s silver-plated black suit and other costume changes no doubt captivated the audience to stay.

    The fans’ loyalty didn’t go unnoticed either. "This is a dream. There’s not many artists who have played Central Park,” said the female vocalist of the group, Fergie.

    “Ain’t nothing wrong with a little bit of rain,” chanted before the Black Eyed Peas performed their hit single “Where is the Love?”

    The Black Eyed Peas provided music to NYC and over 60,000 people came together for the greater good of their city with monetary pledges. “Philanthropy is the fabric of the Black Eyed Peas,” said.



    —Kylee Coney




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