Daily Buzz 10.3.11

    Beyoncé and Jay-Z moving?

    Beyoncé and Jay-Z could be settling down in Brooklyn. E! News caught up with Jay-Z during his college carnival last week, and asked the rapper if he’d considered raising his family in Brooklyn.

     ”I have been thinking about it, but the prices over there are really high,” he admitted with a laugh. “It’s not like before!”

    It could be a good move for the couple, as Jay’s NBA team moves to his home borough next year. In the meantime, Hov admitted that he’s "excited."


    Halle Berry injured by goat

    If you didn’t know by now, Halle Berry has broken her foot…but you’ll never believe how. According to People.com, the actress injured herself while chasing a goat on the set of Cloud Atlas in Spain.

    More accurately, Halle was at her place in Majorca when she spotted her daughter Nahla chasing a goat. When Halle caught her little girl she tripped on one of the rocks strewn about the terrain.


    Deion Sanders discussed a split

    Deion Sanders has denied officially filing for divorce from his wife, but they’re relationship may still be on the rocks.

    The former NFL player told TMZ.com that he and his wife Pilar are talking about "what’s best for our future, our lives, and out kids." He also said that recent whispers of him cheating on Pilar are just a failed attempt at extortion.

    But what could be driving Deion and Pilar to run out the clock on their marriage? "It’s not one isolated incident," he said, "sometimes you just grow apart."


    Obama used in KFC ad

    KFC’s branch in China is using President Barack Obama to pedal its newest product. According to TheRoot.com, an Obama impersonator was featured in a TV ad pushing KFC’s new fish sandwich.

    The ad starts by him giving a speech in front of his supporters and eventually being crushed by the dish.



    —Sonya Eskridge



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