‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 10.4.11

    Benched: Laura Govan

    MVP: Malaysia Pargo

    T-Shirt Line: "Hoes come a dime a dozen."

    Draya Michele took lots of shots during Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives: LA."

    The episode started out back in the ring where Laura Govan threw MMA technique right out of the window. Instead of trying to stick to what the ladies were taught in class, Laura must have thought they were in a real fight because she used street rules.

    Draya on the other hand, was under the impression that it was going to be a fair fight. She must have forgotten who she was up against. Hurt people hurt people. That’s all we’re saying.

    Is it just us or does Laura just like to fight? She tried to get in Malaysia’s face during the first episode, and the first chance she got to legally hit someone, she went right for it.

    Was it odd to anyone else that the other women seemed to find a certain amout of pleasure in talking about how Laura beat up Draya? That seemed a little weird.

    Well at least Jackie Christie tried to warn Draya about getting in the ring with Laura. That was nice of her, relatively speaking.

    Laura’s sister, Gloria Govan, tried her best to avoid a fight when she and fiancé Matt Barnes went to dinner with Jackie and Doug Christie. It was all love at the table until the topic of marriage came up. Matt revealed the moment when he finally knew that Gloria was "the one."

    Let’s just say it definitely raised some questions for Gloria who had just moments before bragged about being in such a "happy situation."

    While Matt and Gloria almost made it down the aisle last year, they cancelled their wedding. Now it seems that Matt is finally ready to make the leap.


    Gloria, on the other hand, is ready to take a break on the whole matriomony thing. Matt’s revelation would have been great news for Gloria a few years ago, but not so much now because she’s got "too much sh*t going on" in her life.

    Is that right? Gloria’s too busy to get married? Ok…

    Apparently, she’s been busy enough to where she doesn’t need Matt to secure her future… anymore.  In fact, she said that if things with her and Matt don’t work out, she’s in a place where she can leave him and still be set.

    We wish them the best, but this doesn’t sound like a conversation that leads up to a successful, lasting relationship.


    As with every episode, we’ve come to the part of the blog where the wives find yet another reason to collectively take aim at Draya—with the exception of Malaysia, of course.

    What grown woman with grown woman things to do honestly has time to Google some heifer she doesn’t like?! Much less find time to sit down and cackle about the dirt you dug up? Draya’s name must taste great because it is always in these chicks’ mouths.

    We’re sure they each have their own endeavors, but all we see on "BBW: LA" is the majority of the cast finding a new reason and opportunity to confront Draya. At least the Miami cast wasn’t always talking about Royce Reed.

    Even though most of the women in Miami didn’t like Meeka Claxton, they had a reason to talk about her: She was always running her mouth! It doesn’t seem at all like the same situation with Draya in L.A.

    Oh, and we notice that Imani Showalter was only too happy to slap Draya with the "worthless" label again.


    All the drama came to a head when the cast (minus, Kimsha Artest) met up at Beso. Presumably they were there to enjoy a girl’s night out, but the real aim was to confront Draya about a police report in which she was she’s accused of neglecting her son by leaving him in disgusting conditions.

    It seemed that the women met up with their opinions already formed. Draya’s used to being "on the chopping block," but this argument cut particularly deep and she had no idea that it was coming. It was hard to watch.

    Although Draya argued that the police report was a fake, no one really believed that. But it seemed her words and emotions weren’t enough for the rest of the pack.

    Jackie pretty much hit the nail on the head when she told Draya that the rest of the cast was going to keep digging until they’re satisfied with the answers. The only problem is that rest of the cast will never really accept what she has to say. Imani even said, "I don’t care how much you deny it; I will never believe you."

    It’s really sad to see women their age acting like a mob of mean girls in high school.





    —Sonya Eskridge




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