Tupac sex tape surfaces

    Apparently, Tupac Shakur has more unreleased footage than previously thought. The catch? It’s a sex tape.

    Before Kim Kardashian and Ray J got down on film, Tupac proved yet again to be ahead of his time.

    According to TMZ.com, two adult websites are in a bidding war over a video containing footage of the now-deceased rapper receiving oral sex from a groupie. Supposedly the video was shot at a houseparty in 1991.

    In the tape, Tupac walks into a room with his pants around his ankles and picks a woman out of the crowd. The designated fan then—ahem—gets to work. During the act, Tupac sings along to one of his unreleased tracks and even has a chat with Money B. He also had a drink and smoked some pot before finishing up.

    The person who owns the tape definitely has plans to release it, and one of the sites is willing to pay $150,000 for rights to the video. However, a source close to the owner said the seller is holding out for more money because the offer is reportedly "way too low."

    There’s no word on what the other website has offered, but neither of the companies bidding on rights to the tape have actually seen it.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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