‘The View’ co-hosts argue over N-word




    Critics can say what they want about Sherri Shepherd, but few can argue that the talk-show host holds her tongue. The outspoken comedian’s most recent buzzworthy moment turned into a discussion about the N-word.

    On “The View” Monday, Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters both used the word while commenting on a news story, but while Sherri gave Whoopi a pass, she was quick to address Barbara’s use of the controversial term.

    “There’s a difference between the way you and Whoopi say it,” Sherri interrupted after Barbara let the epithet roll off her tongue. “When I heard you say it, I didn’t like the way you say it,” Sherri said, bringing up the difference between the way the two women pronounced the word. “I don’t like it when you use the word,” said Sherri, who admits that she used the word.

    “It’s so hard to know what to say now. So, I just use the word,” said Whoopi, who acknowledged that there’s a bit of a generational gap when it comes to those who are comfortable using the term and those who are not.

    “A lot of older people cannot handle the fact that the teenagers don’t have the same feeling about this word… They have taken the stink off of it… The kids don’t care,” Whoopi rationalized.

    “Those young people know where Black folks have come from. I believe their attitude is that I’m not going to let anything anyone says stop us,” Whoopi said.

    The conversation continued and although Sherri acknowledged that she didn’t think Barbara meant to offend, she also never changed her position that a word shouldn’t be used if it causes harm to anyone.

    “You gotta respect how they feel,” said Sherri, who recognized that the co-hosts would not settle things right then during the show.

    “This is an issue that will go on until we die,” Sherri said.

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    —Tracy L. Scott



    What do you think? Was Sherri right to call out Barbara Walters, or was she being a bit too sensitive? Leave your comments below.



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