Conrad Murray’s girlfriends testify

    Conrad Murray’s romantic past came back to haunt him as prosecution brought in the disgraced doctor’s various girlfriends to testify against him.

    The possible conviction of Conrad has, in the past two days brought a parade of women into the courtroom.

    While prosecutors allege that Conrad abandoned Michael Jackson after pumping the pop icon full of anesthetics and not monitoring his vitals, a slew of his past and current girlfriends testified at his manslaughter trial.

    Prosecutors showed text and call logs from the then-married doctor to the women he’d met over the years.

    On Monday, Michelle Bella,  Bridgette Morgan, and  Nicole Alvarez all testified to communicating with the doctor on the day of Michael Jackson’s death. 

    Michelle, who recalled meeting Conrad at a strip club in Las Vegas in 2008, received a text message from the doctor on the day of the legend’s death. Bridgette, who dated him from 2003 to 2009, left a voicemail the morning of June 25, 2009. Nicole, with whom the cardiologist shares a son and an apartment, also held a conversation on the tragic morning.

    On Tuesday, a waitress named Sade Anding took to the stand. Sade is a waitress who met Conrad in a Houston steakhouse in 2009. She said she was also on the phone with him the day Michael died and claimed that it was about noon (call records show it was 12:30pm and MJ died at 12:57pm) when he suddenly dropped off of the call. Apparently, he’d put the phone in his pocket without hanging up.

    “I realized he was no longer on the phone… I said, hello, hello, and I didn’t hear anything, that’s when I pressed the phone on my ear and I heard mumbling of voices… I heard coughing and nobody answered," she shared with jurors.

    The most valuable information, however, may have very well come from 29-year-old Nicole.  “I remember him telling me that he was on the way to the hospital in the ambulance with Mr. Jackson and for me not to be alarmed," she said, "because he knew I would learn this through the news."

    Nicole, who is the mother of his seventh child, also said that she allowed him to ship several packages to their apartment in Santa Monica. According to her, Conrad said "that he was going to be receiving something, that if there was knock on the door, it was going to be a delivery that I could retrieve it for him."

    Claiming to never have looked in them, the packages turned out to contain 225 bottles of propofol—a toxic sedative normally used in hospitals for surgeries. The drug is said to have contributed to Michael’s death.

    After those packages began coming in, between April and June 2009, Nicole took note of a shift in Conrad’s schedule. Apparently, he would leave at 9 p.m. for Michael’s home and return in the morning.  That soon changed.

    "In the beginning when he was working for Michael, he would come back really early…and then it became later and later," she said.

    ABC News called the girlfriends’ testimonies “plenty of damaging character evidence." If convicted of manslaughter, Conrad faces up to four years in prison.



    —Ciara Smith




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