Draya Michele talks Chris Brown

    It’s been established that Draya Michele’s co-stars on “Basketball Wives: LA” don’t care for the former exotic dancer too much. They’ve been very vocal and aggressive about their disdain for her, even bringing their younger counterpart to tears.

    While it might seem like she has no friends at all, Sister 2 Sister asked Draya about her relationships outside the “BBW: LA” inner circle, including her former beau Chris Brown and fellow reality stars Royce Reed and Malaysia Pargo.

    Plus, how is reality TV affecting Draya’s real life? Find out.


    Tracy: On the show, we’ve seen that you do have friends outside of the “Basketball Wives: LA” cast. What do they think of you on the show and how you’re being treated?
    Draya: First of all, my fans, the audience that I have, is like a crazy-wild, energetic bunch. I have the most die-hard friends. They are ready to fight. My friends are really upset about the things they have been saying. They know my personality and they know I let a lot of stuff slide and they’re like ‘why would you do that?’

    Tracy: You seem to be getting along with Malaysia Pargo better than the others.
    Draya: When I first met Malaysia, I was definitely biased. I met her last. The other girls had explained to me that Malaysia had been fighting and was ghetto. When I met her, I was standoffish. At the party scene, I was rude. I didn’t mean to come off like that. I gave her a bad first impression. She’s a really nice girl and has remained neutral throughout a lot of issues that take place.

    Tracy: Why don’t we see more of Kimsha Artest and Tanya Williams?

    Draya: I have no idea. I only met either of them once, and when I was coming, they were leaving. I wasn’t concerned about Tanya just ‘cause I really didn’t care, but Kimsha, I really liked her personality. I asked where she was, but nobody really knew.

    Tracy: Do you speak to any women on the “Miami” cast?
    Draya: Actually, yes. I do talk to somebody. I actually talk to Royce [Reed]. I don’t like being compared to Royce because I don’t think we’re alike as far as personality-wise. I do like Royce’s character. To me, she stands up for herself and she’s ready to fight and do whatever. She gets down and dirty and she don’t just let them say whatever. We’re not alike, but I respect her a lot. We talk. She gives me advice and motivation to keep going.

    Tracy: So has reality TV affected your real life at all? What about romantic relationships?
    Draya: I’m dating. I’m in a relationship. I’m doing my best to keep that tied down ‘cause with the show and the fame and all the stuff that comes with it, it’s becoming more difficult and it’s taking a toll on my relationship. I was with him before the show started. As of right now, we’re together nine months.

    Tracy: Is he famous?

    Draya: No, he’s not famous. He’s just fine.

    Tracy: You used to date Chris Brown. What do you think of all the drama that’s been surrounding him from naked pictures to his alleged tirade on “Good Morning America”?
    Draya: He knows what he’s doing and he is a very intelligent man. He bounces back from any mistake that he does. He has the ability to do that. Every move he makes is strategically planned out. He knows when to make the right decision and when not to. I give him a lot of respect. I look up to him, and he’s really smart.

    Get more on Draya Michele in the December 2011 issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine.



    —Tracy L. Scott




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