Tanya Williams becomes a blogger

    Tanya Williams walked off of "Basketball Wives: LA" and booked a gig covering Conrad Murray’s manslaughter trial.

    Many wondered what happened to Tanya when she left the ladies of "BBW: LA," but it looks like she landed a gig as a reporter!

    NecoleBitchie.com spotted a YouTube video shot outside the California courthouse where the Conrad trial is happening. Those who look in the background will see Tanya scribbling down notes from the court reporter.

    Although she doesn’t quite blend in with the other journalists, she is indeed working her beat. The former reality TV star has surfaced on The Huffington Post where she gives a detailed week-by-week roundup of the trial, while adding a little flair to the news.

    Tanya does her best to hit all aspects of the case from the testimony to public opinion in her three-piece stories. She also does a fair job of breaking down more complex legal ideas for readers who may not know much about due process.

    Check out Tanya in action when you play the video below.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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