LL Cool J not impressed with newbies

    While trying to stay humble about his own contributions to rap music, LL Cool J said that he’s not all that impressed with what hip-hop artists are putting out these days.

    “Right now, there isn’t really anything that has my attention like that to be honest with you,” he told MTV.

    “There’s nothing that—I’m not like shivering in my seat,” said the 2011 BET Hip Hop Award honoree. It’s not clear whether LL meant he’d be “shivering” because of the competition from the younger rappers or because that’s just how the notorious lip licker responds to good music.

    LL did mention Drake’s “I’m on One” as a song that he likes.  “When they do get my attention, I definitely listen,” he said before wishing all the artists the best.

    LL isn’t the only ’80s-era rapper that’s not excited about the genre’s current offerings. Ice-T has been very vocal with criticism about Soulja Boy, Rick Ross and other current-day artists.

    LL did have some positive comments about today’s roster of rappers. As one of rap’s pioneers, he likes that hip-hop ballads—something he’s credited for creating with “I Need Love”—are still part of the genre.

    “It’s pretty obvious that what Dr. Dre and NWA did for gangsta rap music I did for romantic music and music with females. I basically started a section of a genre and created it and put it out there and now lots of people are doing it. I think it’s great. It’s better than downing them and telling [females] they ain’t nothing,” he said. 

    Watch more of the interview below.

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    —Tracy L. Scott



    Are old-school rappers like Ice-T and LL too hard on the younger generation, or are they just trying to ensure hip-hop continues to thrive and reach its best? Leave your comments below.




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