Tanya Williams talks domestic abuse

    Tanya Williams, who appeared on “Basketball Wives: LA” for about two episodes, visited “Anderson” recently to discuss her years enduring abuse.

    “I slept with a knife under my bed out of fear because I didn’t know who was walking into my bedroom,” Tanya explained.

    “[My husband] would go out consistently for a period of time, and when he came in I didn’t know who was walking in my door. Was it the Jayson I’d fallen in love with 20 years ago, or was it the Jayson who’s going to come in and be upset with me because his life is in the toilet?"

    Tanya, who is now a spokesperson for the National Domestic Violence Hotline, said her estranged husband, ex-NBA player Jayson Williams, would scream, yell and make threats.

    Although Tanya didn’t make claims that he was physically violent, she said she was ready to use the blade tucked under her mattress if need be.

    “I was fully prepared—no matter what—to protect me and my daughters. I would have done it if he attacked me in any way,” she said, explaining that she often had her daughters sleep in bed with her on nights when Jayson went out late.

    When asked why she didn’t leave her husband and the volatile situation, Tanya said she stayed for her children.

    “My biggest thing was I had to live; I had to raise my daughters. I wanted to create an environment of normalcy as best I could for my children, so I was willing to go through the emotional turmoil of putting a knife under my bed and walking on eggshells when he was drunk because I still wanted my daughters to love their father. I still wanted my children to wake up everyday and seem to have a normal life. I protected them and shielded them from the chaos and the drama.”

    Watch more of her interview here.
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    —Tracy L. Scott



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