Meagan Good: ‘I’m so in love with God’

    While it seems a lot of single women are on the hunt for a good man these days, Meagan Good said she’s not in a rush to find her Mr. Right.

    Why not?

    She’s focused on her career and, more importantly, her relationship with God.

    The Think Like a Man actress told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown that the next man she dates is going to be her hubby.

    Read their exchange below.


    Jamie: Are you going to be able to find somebody, you think?
    Meagan: I’m not in a rush.

    Jamie: No, I’m saying have you been seeing anyone?
    Meagan: I met someone special, but you know what? I’m so in love with God right now. I’m focused on being married to God.

    Jamie: Okay now, you’re like the third or fourth girl to tell me that. “I am God’s girlfriend.” So I said you can’t cheat on Him. (laughs) I told my girlfriend—
    Meagan: I’m not! I’m celibate!

    Oh okay. You can’t be God’s girlfriend and when you meet a guy you say, “Okay, God, step aside.” (laughs)
    Meagan: No, the next guy I meet is my husband, and I already talked to God about that. I was like, “Check this out, Lord, I know what you want for me.” And He really wants a man that has completely sold out for Christ for me, who can help me improve and be better than I am. So I know exactly what He wants for me and I don’t know if I have already found it. It’s quite possible that I may have, but I am so not in a rush for anything. I am in a rush to focus on Him right now.

    When you say focus on Him, you read the Bible a lot?
    Meagan: Every single day for the past three-and-a-half years; every day without fail.

    Check out the entire interview in the November 2011 issue of Sister 2 Sister.




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