‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 10.11.11

    Benched: Malaysia Pargo

    MVP: Jackie Christie

    T-Shirt Line: "Real mature and sexy."

    Everyone needs a little love from time to time. Since Imani Showalter’s been single for a while now, we presume that she is not getting any (interpret that how you will).

    It’s clear from the last few episodes that Imani misses having someone special in her life. If you’re so lonely that you break down during your BFF’s wedding reception, it might not yet be time to wade into the dating pool… Just an opinion.

    Ready or not, though, Imani’s ready to find a mate. Thankfully for her, she’s got a gaggle of girlfriends that are all too eager to fix her up with a fine man. Now if she could just get the hang of the whole social interaction thing.

    Imani, dating is not that hard. It’s not difficult to know what is appropriate and what is or is not politically correct. Just follow the rules of common decency and etiquette. Oh, wait….we forgot who we were talking about.

    Asking a man where he’s from and what he does? Good idea. Asking a man a whole bunch of questions without revealing any info about yourself? Bad idea. Asking a man if he’s got a very specific, high-profile job within five minutes of meeting him? Very bad idea. It just screams gold digger!

    We do feel a little bad for Imani, though. There’s no nice way to react when some guy you just met decides to give you a shoulder rub. On the other hand, pawing at another guy you just met is a little thirsty.

    When the ladies reconvened for a girls’ night in at imani’s, we weren’t surprised to see that Draya Michele was not invited. Nor was it a shock to see the rest of the wives bring her up in conversation again.

    However, we were surprised to see how Malaysia changed her tune (for the second time in one episode), when cornered by the rest of the pack…uh…cast.  Last week, it seemed as though Malaysia was the only one interested in actually hearing Draya out and giving her a chance to tell her side of the story.

    Sidenote: Although Draya has denied that she ever left her young son to fend for himself in a dirty apartment, the reporter who broke the story is standing by the research and the resulting article.

    We were stunned to witness Jackie reveal her willingness to forgive Draya and wipe the slate clean (Imani didn’t seem to happy about that). Apparently, only one person can be compassionate towards Draya at a time.


    Laura Govan seemed a bit confused about her stance on Draya. One minute she’s telling Draya, "You’re not a factor" (she’s bitin’ your line, Evelyn Lozada!), and then the next minute she’s inviting Draya to a fundraiser. Color us confused!

    Make up your mind, Laura! Either you’re too busy being a mom to think about Draya, or you’re Googling her like it’s your job and talking about her every other chance you get.

    Also, Draya needs to stop acting so shy when confronted. It might be a good idea for her to speak up and deny being a hooker or a jump-off. Laura wasn’t quiet about calling her those names, so she shouldn’t be quiet about denying it. Maybe the others would stop messing with her if she really asserted herself a little more.


    Somehow most everyone made peace with each other by the time Laura’s charity event rolled around. Jackie and Draya were able to clear up their miscommunication from the confrontation at last week, which is great. In one of the few moments of straight-up reconciliation on the show, the two seemed to reach an understanding.

    Although Jackie generally earned herself some brownie points this episode, it was odd that she would want to keep their very tenuous bond a secret.

    Beacause this is "BBW: LA" and the cast members always need someone to talk about whenever there is any moment of harmony, Jackie let it slip that there might be a two-faced woman in her circle. Imagine that!

    When it was revealed that Laura had been talking smack about Jackie (according to Jackie, at least), we almost fell off the couch! Huh?! Who saw that one coming?!





    —Sonya Eskridge




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