Draya Michele uninterested in ‘the circle’

    Although her co-stars speak to her as though she’s a wannabe pledge trying to get into the most popular sorority, Draya Michele recently clarified that she’s not all that interested in being part of the “Basketball Wives: LA” clique.

    “I didn’t want to be included in their circle. I was just being friendly,” Draya told HelloBeautiful.com. “They invited me to everything that I have showed up to. I wouldn’t try extra hard to be their friend. I got invited to places and I felt going would be nice. I didn’t know what they were saying behind the scenes or when they were together without me,” she said.

    Fans of the show have witnessed Jackie Christie, Laura Govan and other co-stars extend invitations to Draya, often after extensive conversations about whether she should be included.

    Draya’s fellow cast members have been vocal about laying out guidelines for her inclusion into their elite circle. After going online and digging up rumors about the former exotic dancer, Jackie, Laura and Gloria Govan have threatened to stop associating with Draya.

    “They went out their way to try to find something,” she said. “Why would you look up something on someone who has been all about positivity?”

    For Draya, the behavior of her co-stars isn’t surprising but disappointing, considering that they didn’t seem to have any issues with her when they initially met.

    “As you see they hug and they’re nice and then everything takes a left turn. If you saw any of the bonus clips, where we’re talking about how I used to strip, we’re having regular, friendly, laughable conversation and then all of a sudden it takes a left turn,” she said.

    “It’s just really annoying.”


    Watch Draya try to explain her past in this bonus scene.




    —Tracy L. Scott



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