Fantasia denies ‘Mahalia!’ rumors

    Fantasia called into the “Wendy Williams Show” today to set the record straight about rumors that she might be out as the star of Mahalia!

    Fanny told Wendy she “almost went into labor” when she heard the gossip that the pending Mahalia Jackson movie might be falling apart due to the family’s disgust over Fantasia’s unwed pregnancy and alleged concealment of her condition from producers.

    When she heard the news on yesterday’s episode, she was “ready to walk to New York” because she never heard those accusations before.

    “I wanted to make her (Mahalia Jackson) family proud and Mahalia Jackson proud,” she said.

    According to Fantasia, the producers of the Mahalia Jackson biopic project came to her. Overjoyed, she began studying about the gospel great and gaining weight for the role.

“She is anointed… I feel about her the same way I feel about Aretha Franklin,” said Fantasia who was upset about being excluded from Aretha’s Grammy tribute earlier this year.

    Fantasia told Wendy’s audience that filming was to begin in January 2012, but shortly after she began preparing for the role, she was told that investors backed out for money related issues.

    She then explained that there were no contracts signed, just talks. However, she continued to gain weight for the role and prayed that things would work out.

    Fantasia said she has not heard from the family or the producers concerning any discontent.

    “My word is my bond. My name is all I have,” she said.

    When asked whether she was still dating her baby’s father, Antwaun Cook, Fanny opted not to answer.

    “I’m not focusing on that today,” she said.

    The singer is expected to deliver her baby boy in December and is currently on bed rest, but she said she might visit Wendy at a later date to discuss her relationship with Antwaun.


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    —Kia Jefferson




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