Lil Mama not beefin’ with Nicki Minaj

    Rapper Lil Mama may believe that Nicki Minaj copies her style, but that doesn’t mean the two have any beef.

    “There was never any animosity. She came to my show…the greeting was beautiful. It was like, ‘Hi, beautiful. How are you?’ You know what I mean. It wasn’t like ‘Hi,’ and then the name-calling or screwed-up face or anything negative,” Lil Mama told XXL magazine in reference to the Young Money sweetheart.

    Back in June, Lil Mama caught some flack for suggesting that Nicki was biting her style. Radio DJ Charlamagne brought the “Scrawberry” artist to tears and challenged her claims that questioned Nicki’s originality.

    “It’s one female right now that people actually care about,” Charlamagne said to Lil Mama, referring to Nicki Minaj.

    However, Lil Mama said she’s not interested in any hip-hop beef and wants to avoid the same outcome that resulted when members of the media hyped the East Coast vs. West Coast beef.

    “If we decided to go at each other and then somebody ended up dead, everybody in hip-hop would be like, ‘Oh my God, it’s so sad what happened to them.’ It’s just like what happened with Pac and Biggie,” she said. “The same people that promote it and it’s sad.”

    If you missed it before, watch Lil Mama’s “Scrawberry” music video below.





    —Tracy L. Scott



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